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Dynamic Camps

Rock Climbing


Forest Road

Dynamic Times

Stl Adventures Custom Camps


Specific to meet your group's needs and chosen activities.


Are based on availability and your group's schedule. Check our calendar at the bottom of this page for current availability. 


Monday - Sunday in increments of

5 days

3 days

2 days


Varies with duration and number of participants, 10% deposit required upon booking.

Customizable Adventures - A socially conscious, flexible, and tailored multi-sport experience for your kids and their friends, your whole family, or the much requested ‘grown-up’ camp. The future is an uncertain time right now. That’s not going to stop us from providing opportunities for kids and families to get outside, challenge themselves, and have the most amount of fun possible. So, we’re bringing ‘small camps’ to Saint Louis!

Explore Missouri - Using greater St. Louis as a jumping point we have access to a rich and varying natural world. From mountain biking in our local parks, learning how to navigate in the Ozark Highlands, to exploring midwest climbing, Small Camps creates opportunities for friend groups and families to learn and engage in unique, rewarding ways. 

The Stl Adventures Team - Committed to providing a safe progression into adventure sports. We accomplish this by building from the fundamentals and introducing new skills in a controlled manner. Small group size allows for focused instruction and personal knowledge of the level of each participant. We provide challenges appropriate to individual skill levels while having fun as a group.

So How do We Sign-up?

Group Organizer

With so much potential comes some logistics. Each group will pick a point person to communicate group needs and desires with Stl Adventures.

Pick the dates

Below you'll find a google calendar with available dates. Once you get your group together and have everyone's availability and time's dialed in - let's get to the fun.

Choose your Adventures

Once the group is together and the dates are picked all that's left to do is fill out the registration form and pick your activities. Once the form is submitted we'll reach out and polish the logistics.

Full Details

The Who: 

10 person limit on all camps

  • Campers and their camper friends (small camps)

  • Your whole family (family camp)

  • Grown-ups only (adult camp)

    • Once you’ve decided who’s coming, designate a “group organizer” who will be in charge of scheduling and putting down the group deposit to hold your spot on the calendar.

The What:

Any combination of:

  • Mountain Biking

    • Location: Castlewood or somewhere near you! 

    • If you’d like to have a camp anywhere other than Castlewood State Park, we will need at least two weeks' notice. 

  • Hiking & Orienteering

    • Location: Castlewood or a park near you!

  • Rock Climbing 

    • Location: Robinson Bluffs, Elephant Rocks 

    • If you’d like to incorporate rock climbing into your camp, we will need at least two weeks' notice.

We are currently not offering river or caving adventures but those skills are in our toolbox so if you're interested let us know and we'll discuss the possibilities. 

The When:

All prices are for 3-hour sessions

  • 5 Days

    • 6-10 Participants: $2500 set rate 

    • 2-5 Participants: $1500 set rate 

  • 3 Days 

    • 6-10 Participants: $1500 set rate

    • 2-5 Participants: $900 set rate 

  • 2 Days

    • 6-10 Participants: $1000 set rate 

    • 2-5 Participants: $600 set rate

Time Slots

  • 9:00am - 12:00pm

  • 12:30pm - 3:30pm

  • 9:00am - 3:30pm 

  • Some late afternoons could be available upon request

Do keep in mind - Adventure sports have inherent risk. We don't mention this to scare you, we just want everyone to be informed and educated about the realities of these sports and that injuries happen. We have a great track record of safety and are consistently learning and exploring safe ways to introduce and progress adventure sports while maintaining authenticity to the endeavors we love. 

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