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We began St. Louis Mountain Bike Camps LLC back in 2015 to fulfill the need of our passion to let kids to pursue their interest in Mountain Biking and being free on the trail. After a few years of camp, we have formed close relationships with these “outdoor kids”. We see that their passions and interests dive deeper into our natural world and mountain biking. We see their desire to help, collaborate, investigate, research and advocate for the place in which they live.


After getting to know families over the years, I have a collective understanding that adults, too, have a desire for their children to have an outlet to work on these passion projects in the great outdoors. Because of this desire, we are putting together an group called….drum roll please…..

People for Outdoor Kids

This group of parents, people, and kids will focus on people,organizations, and opportunity in the community with the similar interest of wanting more outdoor experiences which promote the physical and mental health of our kids and the earth.


This group will identify problems opportunity and work together to create solutions.


We hope that through structured collaborative meetings, we can help fuel their fire and create an environment of innovative and creative thinking. We hope PFOK will be a space where kids can talk about shared interests and can work together to let outdoor sports & nature serve them in the way THEY see fit!


Below you will find a google calendar for these groups events along with shared documents to get up to speed or add your input.


We know you are very busy but to make this work we need your input. Please come to a meeting and voice your thoughts and experiences. 

First Meeting - It's Soon!

Come by, Stay for 5 minutes see whats going on or stay for the whole time!

July 26th - 4:45 pm- 6:45 pm


Calender Of Events

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Via Google Calendar Below

Working Documents 

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