STL Adventures


THE Wyman Experience


The Wyman Center Eureka, MO


Mountain Biking



High Ropes Course

Climbing Wall


5 Days and 4 Nights
(Monday - Friday)


Dropoff - 8 am Monday

Pickup - 4 pm Friday


July 13-17

Aug 10-14


9 - 14 yrs 



STL MTB Camps and The Wyman Center have teamed up to bring you a new, 5 day, sleep-away adventure camp. This multi-sport program for campers ages 9-14 will consist of biking, boating, climbing, camping, orienteering and more! All of these skills will culminate in a team challenge on the final day. If your child is looking for an action packed week of adventure or just to have some fun, learn new skills and make new friends, this experience is for them!


Through mountain biking, orienteering, and high ropes adventures, we provide a new twist on nature, our oldest classroom. By combining this special classroom and adventure sports, we teach the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication, teamwork, group processing (working together for a common goal and how our individual actions affect the group), and an appreciation for healthy living. Mountain biking allows us to have fun and explore large areas in a short time. Participants gain camping skills and ethics for exploring the abundant natural resources of Missouri. The high ropes course gives us the perfect combination of adrenalin and safety to challenge the group and the individual at the same time. We combine all of these skills with map reading and compass work to craft a keystone challenge at the end of the week, the details of which revolve around not only, individual choices but group decisions. 

nature is our oldest classroom.



STL Adventure Camp's Wyman Experience is intended for children ages 9-14. Participants must be able to ride a bike. "Riding a bike" includes but is not limited to comfortably starting, stopping, turning, and riding 6+ miles on pavement. We encourage children and parents to ride as much as possible before attending camp; from our experience, this sets a good base and helps ensure the best camp experience. 


Private lessons: Available for riders of all ages and skill levels. We recommend them for children who do not meet the above requirements and need instruction on the basics of trail riding. This is a great way to prepare your child for future camps and get ready for trail riding. 

Camp Detials

Where we meet
Our Youth Adventure Camp Takes Place at The Wyman Center

After completing the registration you will receive an email with specifics for drop off location, time, and other details about camp.  


What to bring (More Details in Confirmation Email)

Basics Required:
- Head Lamp and Batteries

- Sleeping Equipment

- 5 Days of Clothing suited to camping, outdoor sport, water activities. 
- Personal Water bottle ( Preferably that can be carried on a bike) or Hydration Backpack

- Hand Sanitizer 

- Sunscreen and Bug Spray

Suggested items to bring:

-Mt. bikes are not provided if you would like to participate in MTB activities you will

need to bring a bike with you.

- Mountain bike which must be tuned up and ready to ride (front suspension and gears recommended; for safety reasons bicycles with coaster brakes will not be accepted).

- A book or two


- Juggling Balls

*We also suggest every camper has eaten before coming to camp as we all know a hungry camper is not a happy camper. 


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